Blogger Recognition Award!

Blogger Recognition Award came to me as a New Year Gift.

Thank you so much dear Tia

I am very grateful. Readers, please do read her blogs they are enchanting and takes you through a ride every time. Tia I am humbled.. and I hope I continue to keep up to your as well as every readers expectations!

Well after receiving this nomination I would gladly like to follow the rules. Here goes…

The Rules are :

1 Post the Rules!

2 Use the Blogger Recognition Award Badge on your page.

3 Tell us why you blog.

4 Give us 2 tips for new bloggers.

5 Nominate at least 4 other bloggers for this award and notify each of them of the nomination.

Ok! my answers are :

1. Post the Rules!

…. Yep Done!

2 Use the Blogger Recognition Award Badge on your page.

… Done!

3 Tell us why you blog.

…..Blogging had always been a distant star for me. So when at last I got a chance to start it, I didn’t hesitate. My husband-my support, has a big hand in my start from a house wife to a blogger!

4 Give us 2 tips for new bloggers.

…. 1. Believe and 2. Make Believe.

Use words to spread your message, inspire others with good thoughts and also get inspired by reading other blogs. You are a gem, feel free to express and enjoy your thoughts.

5 Nominate at least 4 other bloggers for this award and notify each of them of the nomination.

…. And the Award goes to





These Blogs are worth reading…


Twinkle Star!


When He drew me he said Oh!

It was a mistake his hands shook

He cleared his arms and drove close

Sparkling diamonds was all he knew

Why I was born I never knew

My existence was always a question to few

The thoughtful ones considered me afar

Small balls of sweltering warmth

Falling Shining Shimmering apart

All he knew was to finish his art

But when He glanced at his canvas from far

I had completed the picture at last

Thus was born a little Star!

Jumping Shining, Oh so luminary,


Sandal and Scandal!

Running down the moving escalator sure does make me look busy, but what if you have mistakenly landed on an opposite running escalator!

I am running in my heels and can feel my mind tormenting me with thousands of instructions with some swear words here and there. I could feel I am going to be a meme soon if this doesn’t stop right here….. but suddenly then a Samaritan comes to my rescue. Now here your mind is tricking you, not filmy ‘Damsel saved by a God akin!’ No!…. a good fellow helping me from being paranoid and stopping me -fluttering like a fish.

I stood still… the stairs took me up and then he took me to the right escalator. Now this was the time and day I heard myself walk. Tick Tuck Tick Tuck, my sandals talked,everything moved in slow motion but the moment I reach down, time started ticking again and I recovered from my small drama. The clock struck 10 and I am late.

Office- Inside my corner, while everyone looked busy, I settled. I, hardly mattered to anyone… not that I cared but seriously! being invisible was a bit harsher than being late or noticed.

The peon entered with new files and stocked it up on the other pending files. Gave me a look down, questioning my everything and went away. It injured my might but consoled myself by returning his look to him. He went and came back again ‘Sir is calling…’ he grinned then returned. Calming myself, got up and went to the Manager’s cabin.

The Manager was not alone, he, a good old man in his late 50’s was accompanied by two stern Policemen and a lady officer. Why a lady officer? I questioned myself, sincerely checked all my cards, files and duties mentally and said,”Hello..?”

Manager- “Dear… what happened?”

Police- Lady, you have to accompany us to the station.” shocked.. I rambled for words and spat “I am not at fault!”

All gave me a look and I knew I just said something wrong. We came out of the cabin and now everyone noticed. Their curious gaze struck while I called my friend to come with me. She signed in denial but I did not buy it and took her with me.

We both are in the police station in a room quite different from the movies(there were no see through mirrors nor handsome heroes behind them) and a man entered with a lady officer again. I wondered, am I that dangerous that they need a support and giggled, Dina(my friend) told me to shut up and we listened.

Police-“Do you know him?”


They showed a TV with my escalator episode, all looked and my friend controlled her laugh.

“This guy holding you and escorting you back?”

Me-“No… I mean Yes, I don’t know…”

“What…. look carefully, this is you and who is he?”

Me-“Yes it’s me but why do you have this video please delete it”

Police2 to Police1- “Is she acting smooth like a prolific criminal or is she just dumb!”

Dina-“Did he just say smooth!”

Me- “Criminal!”

Dina(to me)- If this has anything to do with my Jackson killing, then you should be hanged for even touching that guy!

Me- What! Oh I am sorry Sir I didn’t do it! He.. just helped me, a nice gentleman…

Friend(murmured)- Are you insane!!

Police2(on phone)-Ok Sir… yes…. this is the first time we are getting a lead on that Gangster!

We(alternately)- Gangsta!!! What!!! It was just an accident! No just a coincidence! I am sorry Sir!!!

Keep this two under observance till we get the next lead.

We- Nooo!!!

Me-“What! …. No… how could he possibly be a bad man!”

All scratched me deep with their eyes.

My friend- “It’s all your doing you idiot!.. I should have listened to my mother…..”

How to dream like a Millionaire!

Of all the things in the world, the only wish which doesn’t miss the bucket list, of all the people who know about this bucket and also who don’t,

Becoming a Millionaire is the one!

This wish is everybody’s dream, and those who are one will always say they never wished to be rich. So if you ever dreamt of becoming one, I am sorry the odds are you won’t and if you are getting hurt now prove me wrong!! (Commission for movitation please if you proved me wrong!)

When you are young you never wish for money, Food, clothes etc are your wants, it’s soon after you realise that all these pleasures need funds that you turn green thirsty.

I first wanted to be a Shengawala(Groundnut seller) for I loved to eat them, then I wanted to work in a cake shop for all the obvious reasons, when competition in academics showed its importance, Like every other child I wanted to be a Doctor. Now slowly the facts started to dawn. You… need money to study too.

Why would I study if I am already rich!…I used to ask this question (only) to myself ( because when I asked my mother, to start with, she politely said if you are becoming Doctor to become rich I am pretty sure you won’t become both)

If you want to dream like a Millionaire Here are few tips (won’t be disclosing much for some copyright issues 😜)

Number 1:

To give, I will give everything to everyone.Then people will be like, Ohh she might be rich!!!!

Number 2:

Still have a lot to flaunt.

Number 3:

Stay always young, no matter your age.. money will always make you look young.

Number 4:

No worries, no financial crisis, money will be coming from wherever they are coming.

At last Number 5:

Don’t study/ work hard, you don’t have to become anything because you have everything.

And so, this is me dreaming, if any doubts consult a millionaire!!



If I had been an Animal, this would be my place…. eating under the sky with the nature solace.

This would be luxury this would be happiness, moving around accepting worthiness.

Bonds of life would not exist, while eating and regenerating would be my least insist.

I won’t ask, you won’t ask, none would ask, Why do I live?

Blissful ignorance will be my fortune, the only way to live….

P.S: picture credits, Mr.Ashwin KumarπŸ™ŒπŸ».