If you want to talk

Just talk to that person

It won’t make you vulnerable

Nor it would put you down

Spare yourself some space

Don’t hurt your emotions

If you love someone

You love someone

If you don’t you don’t

If it’s not your fault it’s okay

And if it is then least you realised

You can’t help it

No one can

I know it sucks

And it happens to all 👌🏻

Been there faced it

And you must know

even I didn’t dare talk 😅

But do talk to a friend

And share that block

Running in the head ☺️

Doctors should never cry.

Every day we wish to have a beautiful day with no fears, troubles, pain or tears. We all want to be happy, frolicking and healthy.

The most dreaded place we would ever want to visit would be by far a hospital not unless you are giving birth or just making some corrections here and there. The feeling when you are suggested for some checkup is very frightful while your mind only wanders towards the negative aspects.

And now imagine hospital being your second home.

The moment you enter the hallway you see some crying, some afraid, some blank with soul talking to someone above and some just staring at you questioning if you could help.

Some imagining you like a God and crying to save his father.. some waiting for their kid to be discharged… some happy to be alive and some just waiting for time to stop.

Doctor.. I am afraid of it…

Oh! be brave darling there’s nothing to fear about!

Happy National Doctor’s Day to all those wonderful souls … the only living Gods on Earth 🙏🏻💝

P.S We can lessen the horrendous burden laid upon the Doctors by Staying Safe and Staying Healthy. Take Care ☺️

A Promise

Promises made to one you love

Should be kept

Though it may be impossible to

But tried to be kept

Atleast the promise made to

Must know the effort done

Even a chocolate not to be missed

Nor a book unreturned

You never know how time slips

And puts you in a spot

Where your actions were needed

And you couldn’t play the part.

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Hi everyone , I have been nominated by Ranjini Madhavan

I thank her for considering me for this award.

She is a wonderful blogger and a traveller and her posts are worth a read please do check out her site.

My nominations for ‘The Ideal Blogger Award’ are

The 5 questions which were asked to answer are…

1. What are the three things that you want to learn?
Ans. Become an influential writer, an artist and a Good Teacher ☺️

2. What inspired you to write ?
Ans. Blogging was something I always aspired and then my parents and husband supported me.

3. One quote that motivates you always ?
Ans. God answers your prayers.

4. What you want to convey through your blog?
Ans.The human emotions and a woman’s life.

5. What did you learn from 2020 ?
Ans. Life is unpredictable!

Once again Thank you Ranjini Madhavan for the award I am truly obliged.

The nominees please do nominate more exceptional bloggers for this award and answer the questions above… would love to hear from you 👍🏻👍🏻

Have a wonderful read!☺️

You are mine…

I see you I want you

And only You for me

You might take a breath there

But my breath waited for thee

I may seem like a dead rock

But I do burn within

Even a small praise said to you

Is intolerant for me

I didn’t mean to choke you

I am in love for you, you know

No you can’t meet a man or two

A single zephyr will turn me cold

I have been born from my own will

The world works as I speak

This might look a little vague

And slowly you will love me…

Let your hair down

The day I let down my hair

Would be the day I would like to live

Free from bands of hatred

No cleavage too much to give

The day I let down my hair

Would be the day I will not listen to others

But to myself burnt from water

Who will always pave a way better

The day I let down my hair

Would be the day free from doubts

I would talk to people

Who would always reply with love

The day I let down my hair

I will be listened by all

A thoughtful soul,

having answers to all

But for now I learn from all

Tying my hair waiting for time

To make it scintillatingly fall

Childhood and Memories

I never recalled my childhood days

Until I was blessed with my first child

Recollecting the most I could remember

I played with my kid and enjoyed life

Then there were times when I couldn’t handle

I remembered my poor mother and her grievances

A childhood only good for a child alone

For adults sometimes a menace

But seeing the conditions all over the world

I worry for the child of tomorrow

God bless every Child with a happy Childhood.

The one which I was gratefully honoured.



Here’s my entry for the The Thursday Poetry Competition titled “Childhood and Memories” by Author H.R Phoenix.

Childhood and Memories

The first sight

There she is

As elegant as ever

No wonder her head up high

The way she sways front

Her back a pleasure

Her skin pure divine

Will she ever say hi


I may be a Duck

The best of the buck

You have caught my eye

And I want you by

Thou be a swan I don’t care

A chance is what I want

Will you be all mine.