You bring up a fight

only to fade after

Long time will not see

here after

wasted tears hours on your

beautiful white speckled collar

No longer needed

your service…

I choose to love myself

than you chevaliar

we don’t meet the right

at the wrong time

You choose wiser

when the heart burns white

new path new opportunity here with

you smile with her looking over

As for I a mujer warrior

craves new ways

for all to follow after…


A woman’s love

A woman’s love is the most beautiful and a pious feeling . If it touches you once you will never forget her. Her glance, her eyes filled with anger which then washes away with tears, her fear on your absence, the constant care and her want to see at least a glance of you once in a day.

You miss every part of it when the feeling is just a memory. A beautiful memory you keep reminiscing and absorbing till your heart breaks into tears to want it back.

You cannot possibly imagine life without a woman who loves you the most.

Today… missing and cherishing every women in my life who have taught me to be a better version of myself. Love you all ❤️

The tryst with life.

Some days are meant to stir your emotional patience and make you look as if you are follower of Hitler. Is this really who I am or it’s just my another personality raging up from inside or is that real and this is fake. I am good I am bad and no matter how much I learn I will always be ignorant of who I really am…

Listen to them.

They know it, they have seen it, the life most plainly. They nag you but not to tell how wrong you are but to let you know that you have time to change, don’t waste it.

Trembling bones, heavy breath and wobbly skin can only have a loving glance. No one can love you so much because they see you not as a person but as a life which they once had and time seems to tick for them.

They choose love over fear, calm over anxious, your one wrong deed doesn’t hurt them because they know the end and the way karma transcends.

Their loved ones might not be near but they be good friends with the ones near. Friends they wished they had when they were young and now realisation that they were the only friend of themselves.

They might be lonely but they will pick the fallen ones and give a shoulder because they know how it feels. They will speak their hearts out and we might term them crazy but how crazy are we within….

It’s the life you know, young and old are two facts well known ,

Life is beautiful live every moment to the heart’s core…☺️

A sound connection.

When you speak

You touch an ear with the sound

The ear signals to the brain

Who searches for a reference down

If the sound has no good records

The reply is slow

And your body aches to wait more

And the person in front quite realises

It’s vain to converse more.


But if the sound… pleases the ear

It forgets the brain and sends signals to the heart.

Now here you are quite helpless.

Because the heart is quixotic.

And the rest is a known history for all.

(P.S. This poem has nothing to do with Science.)

First day as a School Teacher…

15/6/2021 the first day of my school being a teacher. A sense of achievement, a sense of pride since I always adored ‘some’ of them back in my school days. But the actual reason would be a school teacher in my child’s school who made me feel that if I want a change in the teaching system I better be a part of it.

So here I am all geared up, hopeful that I do bring a change and not just go with the herd. Kids are really like wet clay they shape the way you mould them… hope I mould them good into a brighter version of themselves.

It’s online this year too and looking at a class of 30 in a small screen is difficult but trying ways to cope up and give 100% attention to each since they need it more.

After almost an year of home schooling this would be slightly difficult but change is always better. I think we humans are built in transformers we adapt to any difficult situations and strive to be our best and this COVID may make seem living normal impossible but we will prove it that if we can create it we can destroy it too.

I will be by your side.

Why is it so hard to let go.

While our true nature.

Is leaving each other in the end.

No bond so strong.

That it can face life.

So a memory given

Only to stay till the end.

Treasure a person you love

With all your might.

You don’t need to be

A Hercules in the fight.

Lend an ear, say you care.

Don’t let ego put you in despair.

But don’t try and catch a sand.

For what is yours

will always be by your side.

Let time tell…

Time tells all

It hides none

The true face the false tale

Kept open to all

And then oh human

Be brave and strong

For you would find

The real life stark clear

And if you rise from this

The true friend will be unleashed

And you won’t have to spend

Your precious time with

Those who never needed you at all.

Though the storm strong

Will bring rain in your fields

And you will eat the fruits

Of your good deeds…

Oh Rain!

Rain rain

Please don’t go away

Stay here

For yet another day

The scorching heat

Has pealed my skin away

Rain rain

Please don’t go away


I have been thirsty

For months away

Says the earth

Waiting in vain

Mother Nature

Wants to sway in grace

Rain rain

Please don’t go away


The present situation

Is dreadful in many ways

Stray my thoughts

In yet another way

Let love conquer

The fear away

Rain rain

please don’t go away


A test on humanity

Has yet not ended

Still how much

The innocent will pay

Lift the tiring soul

Wash all the tears away

Rain rain

Please don’t go away.

A shade of green.

The tender leaf on the top

With its light colour comforts all

when the busy rain stops

A drop caresses its tiny arms

You wait under a leaf

Facing the sky with a grin

It moves and shakes

The rays touching your face

you open your shut eyes

A drop again

your grin now a beautiful smile

breathing the wet air.

it rains again and you run

here and there to find a shelter

But reach for the trunk

For you now under the leaves snug….