The lizard

The shower sprinkled its warmth on my eyes and I could feel the cuddle. My soul relaxing and dreaming about the happy place not far but just a step away and I am ready to leap over.

The conscious mind flirting with my romantic one said “Not now… an hour just passed your ass” and I turned around.

My face faced the window and it is slightly open. I glared at it and suddenly it caught my eye.

A limping lizard! and my heart skipped a beat. I lifted the wiper and tried to put it out of the window. “Tuk tuk” I slowly banged the window screen to shoo it away. Slowly, because who would want a lizard to get upset and jump right on you!

It moved.. It was without a tail and though I felt little bad, I very much wanted it to go away.

I kept knocking on the screen of the window and it slowly moved away.Alas! it finally jumped out.

And when I thought everything was over I am standing with the window wide open. The creepiest chill went through me and I hurried up to close the window.

On the fence there seemed to be a witness to all the cleavage, luckily it was a cat! who gave me a ‘I have seen better’ look and even if it did hurt… I couldn’t answer him back.


A phase

Don’t understand a phase in my life

When everything was beautiful

It seemed like a conspiracy

The next will change you


And it did…With our own thinking

Doubting the true

And believing the fake

Everything now

Has come to an end.


I a new person

And you too with a new life

The phase was what… don’t know

Once ever in my lifetime

Will try to understand.

A wild flower.

Walking down the hill

I stumped upon a stone

Little red little blue

I fell down weeping though

Took a deep breath

reached for some soil

Smeared the wet and it felt right

Laid back down and

looked up in the sky

Heavy clouds

Baded me bye.

Sat up again, looked by my side

A beautiful purple waved hie

My fall had broken

Many of it’s flowers

but it stood straight

Not bothered why

Now I know

why its called ‘The Wild’

For it cares less for the scars

And more for the sky.

Social Media.

Have you ever realised in this new age there is yet another shadow. Following you, staying by your side and knowing everything about you.

Yes, and that is nothing but your Social Media. No matter how much you try it will have an influence over you. You behave in the most liked manner and not in the way you would usually behave. Follow people more than 100 and try having their personalities even if you know that’s a disorder. Somewhere you get lost in it and just find yourself trapped. Nope not physically but a mental state which blocks your originality.

Unless you just use it as a pass time and not make it your priority. Yes…it helps you earn too but only if you make a profession out of it or become an influencer in some field.

I don’t suppose social media was born out of necessity. It was more of an entertainment media and should remain the same. It shouldn’t affect anybody’s personality or life by any means.

Social Media is easy to use but very unreliable and for all you know it does affect you, so use it only as a means of distraction and try not to get used to it.

– By a Social Media user🙄


Life is a web

And whose the weaver?

A cool, smart dapper

Nope! not you the spider.


A little prey on the edge

Who was easy to be coiled up

How light and idiot

Nevertheless you were.


Signs mean something

But not for the dumb

Words are too straight..

Are you still a cub!


Better leave these aside

Not your cup of tea

Engage in what is nice


The troublesome mind!

I have realised that my mind is powerful

It can imagine things and almost make it feel veridicle

To the extent that the bones would shiver

And the heart would repeat God’s verse.

No wonder it wanted me to be a doctor.

wanted to know answers for all.

But when it realised there’s hard work involved,

it nicely shrugged its back off.

Oh! how nice it feels when it stops worrying

the sky looks so prettier to me.

Stay this way forever and ever

Oh mind! will you listen to me….

Tomorrow’s Exam.

Tomorrow is Exam

And time is running fast

I have no rush

Please time.. wait aside.


All have completed

But I have not

This is not the first time

But I keep repeating my past.


Exam fear still ticks

Like a huge clock in a horror flick.

The only way is to study hard.

But that seems to be the difficult part.


The back aches and the eye hurts

My head dancing to the tune of Kurt.

They think I am busy studying

But all I know is… how to worry!


Like yesterday tomorrow shall pass

I must study…..

Definitely to get

Those golden marks ⭐️


I start my day

With rushing thoughts

Awake I don’t know why

Sleep is a dream

Dream seems reality

I fear for a while


Restless and clueless

Striding straight

I take on life

there a fear for everything

Dear and near

I need you all by.


Life teaches

And you learn

Age always goes by

My present is difficult

Future unknown

The past seems quite fine.


I wish to understand

everything I come across

Novelty is a fancy why.

Strange scenes, new feelings.

Please leave me

Alone sometime.

Forget you

I want to forget you

You make me think too much

though you have distanced yourself

My mind keeps playing you

I want to forget you


From the past thousand years

of the decades in a second I mean

You come to my mind and make me smile

All I want is a friend like you

I want to forget you


Only love doesn’t hurt

friendships too

They remove a block and dangling due

The only one at fault is you

I want to forget you


You have become an ideal or so

You are the perfect soul for a free soul

Hope you get evermore

More than you want for you

I want to forget you


I don’t know why I write for you

For writing you will make a permanent hue

I am more stronger than I may look

I don’t anymore want you

I will forget you.