My Henna Art…..

This post is dedicated to a special blogger Miriam – delphini510 who out of her busy world spared some time for me☺️….

Took screenshots from Instagram😜

Hope you like them ☺️


The start and the fall…

Ups and down are a part and parcel of life but what if the ups are too up to handle or the downs are too dark to bear.

I never had a proper job nor have I ever seen a pay check in my life. But last month I surprisingly earned 1000 bucks for a henna art work. The feeling of my money is always wonderful and you treasure that for a lifetime. Even mine is in my locker- I consider it as a charm. I earned it after 3 hours of hard work, its very valuable. You have no idea the sense of accomplishment or the amount of confidence it built on me. I was so happy, finally I started to earn.

A week later second order came…I was thrilled and excited. Geared up for the big day….. but the day had a different colour… a little shade of grey. My art was rejected by the customer…. they didn’t like my work and depicted their anger verbally and emotionally. I was shocked… to see the real face of man when money is involved. I won’t spare a single penny on you… Were their last words. My heart bore a big wound as my art was close to it.

Something went wrong and I couldn’t do anything. I was blamed and sweared upon and I was helpless. To err is to human rings in my ear but I know I should have been more careful. Wanted to erase that time but I am still helpless. My lack of street smartness and marketing skills made me lose my step. Eventually the company who gave me the order complained and backed off. I could see them even with my closed eyes. A failure after a very long time and I am here again, right where I started.

Thoughts of leaving the city and starting some place else afresh roused in my mind but my kids and family mirrored the reality. I wanted to run from the situation but sometimes you just can’t.

My only solace is my family now who are holding me straight and helping me from falling down. I wonder how you guys earn for a living… I have practically failed right now. But will rise again and be the best in the field , it’s a promise to myself..I hope I keep.

Like you…

The stars shone bright yet it twinkled reaching my eyes

The Moon aside kindled it afar

You bright star

Don’t know me right

Or are you my moon afar.

The sun raved bright cleared the dark sides apart

The birds chirped playing with my soul song par

Your pride, reflects in your august walk

I a bird akin will you hide me from your warmth.

The ocean wild warns me with its secret warth.

You come near me I will reflect my depth so real far.

Your Aura shields me from reaching your side so far

Am I imagining or are you, my ocean over the earth’s path.

The Jumbled….

Our life is a fact

Death is a fact

Facts we live with

Paying no heed.

What is before life

What happens after death

Where are those facts

Did you beseech

Nature is a fact

Weather is a fact

Even plastic is a fact

Tomorrow will know

Terror is a fact

War is a fact

Inequality is a fact

We engage

Resolutely so.

Happiness is a fact

Sorrow is a fact

Karma is a fact

All face though

But the immortal Man

The co-tellurian

The Self-serving Man

Will he be a fact

If to be erased old.


Picture credits- Mr.Ashwin

Men with wings?

At Nehru Science Planetarium, Mumbai

I was all ready for the show.

Entering an enormous dome

Taking a place in circle

Close friends mustered together

all thrilled and the seats could sleep

At afternoon 3 the stars could be seen

The show started, with moon and stars

Suddenly falling on me from far

The 3d show made me glide

It made me stop at planets on sight

It ended with a note on Mars

There could be Men with wings and brain more smart

My little mind dwelt in the thought

Even 10 years after the part

Little men with wings are for sure

My mind doubts but my heart says

Oh! For Sure….


I failed to sympathize…


Of all the days today

Why you came up with this word

Sympathize is a fruitless expression

the grief is to be experienced by self

When went yesterday for my loved ones in pain

Had nothing in hand but this word alive.

The moment I reach them

A picture more horrible

Tears fear to pour out

Stomach churns my guts out

I have stopped breathing

I stand with poise for they to be heard

But fail to their fate

And succumb to fear

Soul facing a glimpse of near death life

Helpless retarded disdained life

Shattering belief in the brutal truth

When Life a fine thread with scissors on each side

I don’t want to face any life

I don’t want to face any deaths…..

Be Happy Be Selfish!

The day you realise the world is selfish, is the day when you get the liberty to be self-absorbed without regretting anything. Yes, this is overstated but I do feel so.You can start thinking about yourself now. Your wants, your needs, your cravings and also your accomplishments till now. Where you were and where you stand now. What have you done to you over the past few years of adulthood?

When questioning your footing whether it’s appreciable, bad or worse, believe it or not…we happen to fall always on the last category the worse one!

No matter your laurels there will be hundred others giving a back to you. You are always in a queue wondering how lucky the first guy is.

A booming career with MNCs in the background, holidays in exotic locations, big grand weddings, interesting love stories, happy endings are some of them and You are like what did I do to my life…I don’t even remember!!

If you ask me, I do have respect for others reach, but somehow it fuels my emotions, a terrifying self-doubt creeps in and trembles my esteem.Even if you don’t want to eventually you start equating yourself. Equating with norms like great achievements, Einstien-brain kids, luxurious apartments etc.

Comparing yourself to others is a very bad idea, it’s like scraping yourself to fit in others shadows yet we do it all the time and feel dejected. So why not be selfish and think about ourselves!!

Why am I not the one? Is a ridiculous question you can ask yourself because for you there are no others.You learn from yourself and listen to your voice, others are like myth, you don’t even know what are their thoughts, what are their decisions, what is their life.

You are the only know identity to yourself, then why question or argue with it. You are unique, you are different, you are vague; live with it, absorb it like love.

If you love it or hate it you don’t need anyone to approve. Tomorrow, when you look back won’t you want a happy you in the flashback rather than a petrified you!