The start and the fall…

Ups and down are a part and parcel of life but what if the ups are too up to handle or the downs are too dark to bear.

I never had a proper job nor have I ever seen a pay check in my life. But last month I surprisingly earned 1000 bucks for a henna art work. The feeling of my money is always wonderful and you treasure that for a lifetime. Even mine is in my locker- I consider it as a charm. I earned it after 3 hours of hard work, its very valuable. You have no idea the sense of accomplishment or the amount of confidence it built on me. I was so happy, finally I started to earn.

A week later second order came…I was thrilled and excited. Geared up for the big day….. but the day had a different colour… a little shade of grey. My art was rejected by the customer…. they didn’t like my work and depicted their anger verbally and emotionally. I was shocked… to see the real face of man when money is involved. I won’t spare a single penny on you… Were their last words. My heart bore a big wound as my art was close to it.

Something went wrong and I couldn’t do anything. I was blamed and sweared upon and I was helpless. To err is to human rings in my ear but I know I should have been more careful. Wanted to erase that time but I am still helpless. My lack of street smartness and marketing skills made me lose my step. Eventually the company who gave me the order complained and backed off. I could see them even with my closed eyes. A failure after a very long time and I am here again, right where I started.

Thoughts of leaving the city and starting some place else afresh roused in my mind but my kids and family mirrored the reality. I wanted to run from the situation but sometimes you just can’t.

My only solace is my family now who are holding me straight and helping me from falling down. I wonder how you guys earn for a living… I have practically failed right now. But will rise again and be the best in the field , it’s a promise to myself..I hope I keep.

5 thoughts on “The start and the fall…

  1. Shruti, you write so openly and clear. I can feel your sadness and disappointment, a human reaction to
    negativity. Remember, you dared set out to do work on your own and like most ventures you met a negative
    That does NOT mean that your work is bad, just that one company didn’t approve. You stand up and find new
    people. Have you got a portfolio of some of your work to show?
    Wishing you all good fortune.

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    1. ☺️Thank you for reading and understanding….. you sound more like my family 😇 Thank you once again…. Yes I will start once again and also I will post some of my henna art for you Miriam☺️☺️

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