Be Happy Be Selfish!

The day you realise the world is selfish, is the day when you get the liberty to be self-absorbed without regretting anything. Yes, this is overstated but I do feel so.You can start thinking about yourself now. Your wants, your needs, your cravings and also your accomplishments till now. Where you were and where you stand now. What have you done to you over the past few years of adulthood?

When questioning your footing whether it’s appreciable, bad or worse, believe it or not…we happen to fall always on the last category the worse one!

No matter your laurels there will be hundred others giving a back to you. You are always in a queue wondering how lucky the first guy is.

A booming career with MNCs in the background, holidays in exotic locations, big grand weddings, interesting love stories, happy endings are some of them and You are like what did I do to my life…I don’t even remember!!

If you ask me, I do have respect for others reach, but somehow it fuels my emotions, a terrifying self-doubt creeps in and trembles my esteem.Even if you don’t want to eventually you start equating yourself. Equating with norms like great achievements, Einstien-brain kids, luxurious apartments etc.

Comparing yourself to others is a very bad idea, it’s like scraping yourself to fit in others shadows yet we do it all the time and feel dejected. So why not be selfish and think about ourselves!!

Why am I not the one? Is a ridiculous question you can ask yourself because for you there are no others.You learn from yourself and listen to your voice, others are like myth, you don’t even know what are their thoughts, what are their decisions, what is their life.

You are the only know identity to yourself, then why question or argue with it. You are unique, you are different, you are vague; live with it, absorb it like love.

If you love it or hate it you don’t need anyone to approve. Tomorrow, when you look back won’t you want a happy you in the flashback rather than a petrified you!


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