My Imprints….


We only know few hundreds from the past, both famous and infamous, they have marked themselves for ever in time.We study them, our future will study them, their imprints are like stepping stones for us, impeccable silhouette to call some… But have you ever wondered about the others in history, the nameless, faceless people who also lived!


Pic: Mahatma Gandhiji and Others.

And saying that, also, what about us in future? Where will we stand.

We live to satisfy, our needs, our loved one’s needs and then leave. We are like those Juniors in a Bollywood dance song, filling the picture with color or noise, or whatever you consider them. We are like those extra ketchup we unknowingly waste.

Tomorrow there will be no difference between us and that dust we are now standing on.

Saying this, I might be disrespectful to many of our ancestors and also the people living.I know everybody have their share of reasons to live, every child is special , every person is beautiful in his or her own ways, but still I wonder who makes it to the History books? (Though there are few people now whom we know will make it to history….)

We want to live a life – to the fullest, with no regrets, with no ifs or buts…. because in the end nobody cares.

Giving it a thought, what if all will be leaders, who will follow?; if all will be Presidents who will be governed?, if all will be moons who will be the beautiful stars?; if all make it to History….. who will read it??? 😉

But I can’t help and ponder on what is the meaning of life, if in future we fail to even exist. Will after another thousand years, when We will be extinct! (seeing the fate of Dinosaurs) non-human Archaeologists will excavate a bone from soil and be like

“OH! my UFO! we found a fossil of a female blogger?, this might be SillyShruti!!!!!” 😉




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