A blissful life…

3. A farmer’s better half.


“I hate her, she was never my type, I wish I had my love”, he said loud enough for her to hear. Tears trickled, but none bothered. She was left to herself, she had never felt so lone not even when he abused her drunk or when he complained of her being pregnant again.

She was sad but somewhere she still longed to be his love. She was his first kiss, she is his first wife which was bit enough for her. She would treasure the good moments with him, she would remember his every move, his habits…. his laugh helplessly made her smile. She loved her children, for they were half his. Her heart always waited for him, she believed every story had a happy ending. Though a bliss she always day dreamed.

He hated her with his whole heart, but loved his children for they were completely his for him. So today when they insisted for a day out he didn’t hesitate. A farmer by profession, he some how managed a spare day and planned an outing in the city. She was not invited but his children (more smarter than him and also loved their mother) found out a way to convince their father, which was not by arguing but by playing along and it worked every time, this time the excuse was of looking after the younger one.

They were 5 children, two boys and three girls, the eldest were a boy and a girl, twins! They all were beautiful, had a striking resemblance to their mother (Yes, she was beautiful but I suppose beauty has always been relative) and he didn’t care.

The city welcomed them with open hearts, people more open to feelings made them feel awkward, children giggled but the parent duo cringed, at least they agreed on something. Walking towards a hotel to have lunch, they stood at the door and peeked inside, it was a big old restaurant. It made them think twice of fitting in but the children cared less and took seats.

Ate some for the price filled their tummies half, and came out. A big cross through the highway and then right to the amusement park. Waiting for the vehicles to clear and the young one sets loose. Heart skips a beat and all are dragged into the busy road. She saved the restless one by throwing him in the grass pavement and the rest ran for their lives. All made it but her.

Welcome! How are you? ; I think I am fine, where am I??

You are with peace….

She: Can I see them for the last time..

Peace: Yes…

All safe hugging each other, facing death made them love each other more.

She: Are my children going to be good?

Peace: They will be loyal and trustworthy and the young one you just saved will be paying you off by saving hundreds other.

She: Good….How is he? I hope he is happy now….

Peace: Let’s just put it this way for you…..

1.Your husband married you, obeying his parents.

2.He was shockingly loyal to you for 2 Decades, even lovers find it difficult to stay put.

3.He has always been a loving and dutiful father.

Asking for more, wouldn’t that be selfish?

She: (Smiling) now I can go with you peace….


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