Little dancing feet….


Dancing to music from small feet

I gathered memories

Not always sweet

It took me deep

I could feel my soul

Wanting more

Music to my ears dance for my soul

Every step would ask my heart

can the other step take me far

khol in my eyes and shine to my art

shimmering me sparkling star

I am no more human

but a tune of a song

swaying to and fro rebellious long

twirling swirling spinning winning

i gave canvas To my  life

Chin up posture straight tipped toes

are not twerking my veins so

now muscles more strong and crisp smooth

I can wiggle I can move

Now if I close my eyes

my world seems to let me loose

Yet tomorrow

When my bones will twitch

My soul adamant

I will return to flare

Dancing up

Fearless in the air.

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